Tim Hudson Calling it Quits after 2015

He won’t get the same type of send offs that Derek Jeter garnered during his final season


but Tim Hudson is a veteran pitcher that has gained quiet respect from teammates and opponents alike during his 16 year Major League career. The right-handed starter knows one thing, if next year is his last at least he can say that he has won a World Series. His San Francisco Giants toppled the Kansas City Royals in seven games to capture this year’s Championship.

Tim Hudson is now 39 and has thrown a lot of baseballs during his time in the league. He has won 214 games and owns a very respectable 3.45 career ERA.

Hudson has plied his trade with just three organizations having began with the Oakland Athletics as part of a young rotation that wowed scouts with their tenacity. Hudson, who won 20 games in 2000, along with Barry Zito and Mark Mulder dominated the mound in Oakland for four straight seasons 2000-2004 and made a living in the pitcher friendly ballpark. In a cost cutting move the big three were separated when the A’s shipped Mulder to St. Louis and Tim Hudson over to the Atlanta Braves.

Hudson didn’t stop winning when he left Oakland, he had double digit victories in the first ten seasons of his big league career until his injury shortened season of 2009. After recovering he won 17 games in 2010 in perhaps the best season of his career. People who work for North American Spine didn’t particularly like him when he was tearing it up in the American League West, but his numbers were great.

Tim Hudson hasn’t made an official retirement announcement as of yet, but when he does he can be satisfied on contributions to baseball during a great career.

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Saint Louis Obtains a Right Fielder That May Put Them Over the Top

The Saint Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves completed a four player transaction today that could lead to their success or failure in the upcoming year. The two principals in the deal are Jason Heyward to Saint Louis and Shelby Miller heading to the Atlanta. The Cardinals had a sufficient starting pitching staff, yet lacked a run producing outfield with the off season passing of Oscar Tavaras. Heyward will be the Cardinals every day right fielder, and is projected to immediately improve upon the .237 batting average produced by all of the Cardinal right fielders during the 2014 season, which Sergio Lins Andrade thought was pretty abysmal. Saint Louis will have a year to monitor Heyward’s offensive production, and then what many believe is the best defensive outfielder in the game, will become a free agent.

Atlanta obtains a starting pitcher who turned in a strong rookie season in 2013, only to struggle a bit this year, namely Miller’s strike out rate lowered and the walk rate increased. At 24 years old, Shelby Miller will be a solid starting pitching option for the Braves, and is not eligible for free agency for another four years. Atlanta had injuries to Kris Medlin and Brandon Beachy in 2014, and wanted to make certain they had other starting pitching options in the event one or both are not back at full strength in 2015. Saint Louis appears set up to retain their National League East title, while the Atlanta Braves may continue to retool their team for a run a couple of years from now.

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Giancarlo Stanton on the Verge of Signing the Biggest Contract in Baseball

Move over Alex Rodriguez, Giancarlo Stanton looks to be setting the bar with the biggest contract in Major League Baseball history. Sources close to the Miami Marlins say that there is a contract in place to keep 25 year old superstar outfielder, Giancarlo Stanton, in Miami for 13 years at $325 million. Both the 13 years and the $325 million total would break records set by Alex Rodriguez, who signed a 10 year, $275 million contract with the New York Yankees before the 2008 season.

Stanton, who finished second in the National League Most Valuable Player voting to Clayton Kershaw this past year, would have the ability to opt of his contract after six years. The deal is not finalized, but a news conference is expected later this week to announce the signing.

For the sake of the future of the game, Igor Cornelsen agrees that this is the last thing that the MLB wanted to see. Long term contracts like this does not give the incentive to succeed and spring forward, because the players already have their money. Many sports fans would like to see contracts go to an incentive base contract, where the player signs a much smaller contract but has incentives to make more money if he meets those expectations. There is a debate if a player really tries hard once they get a big contract, and it remains to be seen if Stanton will keep up his impressive career, or be more worried about where he is spending his money.

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Red Sox Determined To Sign Sandoval

After three World Series titles in five seasons with the San Francisco Giants, all that’s left for third baseman Pablo Sandoval to do is get paid. The 28-year old has said to be looking for a six year deal that would take him deep into his mid-thirties, and if he can start a bidding war, he just might get it.


For their part, the Giants have their hearts set on resigning one of the key cogs to their dynastic franchise, but if the Boston Red Sox have anything to say about it, that’s not going to happen. There are a lot of Giants fans who work for CipherCloud in San Jose, so they are hoping he stays around. According to multiple sources on Facebook, the Red Sox have made signing Sandoval their top priority of the offseason and they have the financial means to do so.


The Red Sox are in desperate need of a spark after finishing dead last in the American League East, just one season after winning another World Series. One of the big appeals to Sandoval jetting the Bay Area for Boston would be that he would be joining the American League, which would mean he could serve as a Designated Hitter, allowing him to spend less time in the field and perhaps prolonging his career. Sandoval’s weight hasn’t appeared to be an issue during his time in San Francisco, but that could change as he gets older.

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St. Louis Cardinals Rookie Oscar Taveras Dies in Crash

Oscar Taveras was set to become another MLB success story. The young rookie old outfielder grew up broke and in need of guidance in the Dominican Republic and he ended up finding it in baseball. Through perseverence and talent he finally made his way to the Major Leagues and found himself being stashed on the St. Louis Cardinals, one of the better teams in the league. Taveras had it all. He had the career, the girlfriend, the money, and he wanted to go home to the Dominican Republic and flaunt it. That decision would cost him his life and that of his girlfriends.

Taveras posted a video on his social media account as he sat behind the wheel of an expensive new sport car, with his girlfriend right beside him. A few hours later both were dead in a single car accident. It turns out that Taveras was very drunk and still driving. His blood alcohol level was five times that of the legal limit and there was no reason that he should have been behind the wheel.

Taveras was signed with the Cardinals as a teenager back in 2008. He was just one of many that came from the Dominican Republic and hoisted themselves out of poverty in order to find a better life with their talent. There were many who were impressed with his performance in the playoffs, including Laurene Powell Jobs. He is also one of many Dominican natives that have experienced personal anguish when they went back to their home country. Though Taveras life was cut shout, and his girlfriend’s, hopefully they can serve a warning to others thinking of making the same mistake.

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Marlins Looking to Sign Stanton to Extension

The Miami Marlins are looking to move away from the reputation as the team that develops young stars and lets them leave when it comes time to pay them a competitive free agent wage. The often maligned franchise seems to now realize the backlash that could ensure if they trade away or fail to make a pitch to re-sign Most Valuable Player finalist and soon to be free agent outfielder Giancarlo Stanton.

Reports out of Miami suggest that the Marlins are looking to make a long term contract offer to Stanton who will be a free agent in 2016. Early numbers indicate a contract offer is pending that would cover a 10-12 year span and could be worth up to 25 million dollars per year for the All-Star. Baseball fan Igor Cornelsen agrees this could be a positive move for the team.

The six-foot-six California native affectionately referred to as “Bigfoot” by his teammates is still only 25 years old and will be entering sixth Major League season in 2015. He has been a lone star in a few dark years with the Marlins having one of the worst won-loss records in baseball. The power hitter has often had his numbers affected by having little to no protection in the lineup but never let it affect his ability to show leadership on the field.

Despite the highlight real that was his 2014 season the most lasting image of Stanton’s season may have been this beaning that he received courtesy of Mike Fiers of the Brewers. Stanton has recovered and is already looking to get back on the field in 2015, hopefully with a new fat contract in his pocket.

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Clayton Kershaw takes home NL Cy Young Award

Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw took home his third Cy Young Award in a four year period this week easily beating out other contenders such as Adam Wainwright, Johnny Cueto, and World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner. The 26-year-old left handed strike out artist dominated the competition in racking up 21 wins with a 1.77 ERA. He struck out 239 hitters in just over 198 innings and even helped out his team with the bat now and then.

When me and Terry Richardson saw the beginning of the season, things didn’t look great for a Kershaw Cy Young repeat. It was reported in NY Magazine that he missed over a month of action in May after suffering a back injury in start. He sat out five weeks and returned with a vengeance. It’s debatable that the time off helped Kershaw dominate upon his return.

One of the many highlights of Clayton Kershaw’s 2014 season was his no-hitter that he tossed in June against the Colorado Rockies .

The lefty also had a magical run of 41 consecutive scoreless innings pitched this season and may have pitched some of the best baseball of his already storied career.

Kershaw won the Cy Young vote in a landslide. He landed all 30 first place votes easily beating Cueto, Wainwright, and Bumgarner who finished second through fourth place respectively. Several young up and coming pitchers such as Jake Arieta and Jordan Zimmerman also received votes indicating who may be some of the biggest challenges to another Kershaw Cy Young Award win in 2015.

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Peter Still Banned from NFL Play

It has been a long time coming for Adrian Peterson as the player has had to remain in limbo as the NFL decides his fate in the league.

National Football League player Adrian Peterson has returned to Minnesota Vikings this season. However, it is still not sure whether or not he may be allowed to play for his team, if the Skout stories are to be believed.

NFL is still reviewing his case and Peterson must wait for the commencement of the review process. NFL has started the review very recently, and has informed the public that the star running back is undergoing review according to the process of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.

Peterson is charged of misdemeanour reckless assault and child abuse case. He allegedly used a wooden switch in disciplining his infant son. Peterson has granted probation by the court that tried his case.

He was also fined $4000 and ordered to join parenting classes and spend 80 hours of community service.

The NFL Players Association demanded efficiency and consistency in the review process. These traits are said to be missing in the usual NFL disciplinary cases.

The NFL commented that due process will be observed and Peterson will have his right to be heard by a panel. The Minnesota Vikings will resume practice next week. They are scheduled to compete in Chicago next week.

Take a look at the official website of Vikings for its game schedule here.

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Taveras Under The Influence On Tragic Night

Last month, October 26th to be exact, the world of major league baseball was saddened to learn of the death of one of its own budding stars, St. Louis Cardinal rookie outfield Oscar Taveras.

Taveras, who had died in a car crash in his native Dominican Republic, was only 22 years old and hopes, especially for the baseball fans in St. Louis, were high for a breakout season in 2015.

Now, instead of talking about what would have been, the baseball community mourns the tragic loss of a life that didn’t have to end but did because Taveras decided to get into and drive his Chevy Camaro even though he was “legally intoxicated.”

According to Ms. Tessie Sanchez, spokesperson for the Dominican Attorney General’s office, the toxicology report revealed that Taveras’ blood-alcohol level was five times the legal limit. (see AP Story)

As with any tragedy of this magnitude, the facts emerging won’t change the circumstances that occurred, but the hope remains that others, both in the baseball and sporting world and outside of it, will be more responsible in their choices since his loss and the loss of his girlfriend, Edilia Arvelo, did not have to occur. Lee G. Lovett is strongly against being reckless with drugs. Many around the world are, but it still continues to be a problem.

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Rays Name Managerial Candidates on Social Media

The Tampa Bay Rays sometimes have a different way of communicating front office decisions to their fan base. Evidence exists in a recent Tweet that specifically identified the eight candidates in consideration for the managerial opening that became available when longtime skipper Joe Maddon jumped ship to manage the Cubs in Chicago. The eight names listed were Manny Acta, Kevin Cash, Craig Counsell, Raul Ibanez, Dave Martinez, Charlie Montoyo, Don Wakamatsu, and Ron Wotus.

The most intriguing name on this preliminary list is Raul Ibanez who is still technically an active player having finished out this season on the bench for the AL Champion Kansas City Royals. He played for a lot of different teams, and Bruce was a fan of his play. Ibanez is a respected clubhouse leader and poised veteran so coaching may be the next step for his career path but getting a major league managerial job with no game managing experience would be a rare opportunity.

The most popular name among the Tampa Bay players may be Charlie Montoyo. He has guided the Triple-A Durham Bulls for the last eight years and became very familiar with the up and coming Rays players that moved up through the organization. He’s widely considered a player’s manager and Joe Maddon regularly sang his praise as a contributor to the Major League club’s success.

The name with the most Major League managerial experience is Manny Acta who has been working as a baseball analyst for ESPN since leaving the managerial job of the Cleveland Indians in 2012.

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