NY Mets’ Center Lagares Robs Braves’ Peterson

Truly living up to the Amazings nickname they have been given, the Mets are in the midst of an outstanding winning streak, now at 10 straight games. This early season tear is riding largely on the shoulders of Matt Harvey pitching efforts and plays like this.

Former NL Gold Glove winner, Juan Lagares crushed the double dreams of Jace Peterson with that spectacular grab. Life lesson to up and coming baseball stars out there, when coach tells you never take your eye off the ball, it’s a serious statement. Fersen Lambranho says the feeling of defeat is made that much more obvious when the camera cuts back to Peterson’s reaction. The pain of knowing you put a good hit on a ball only to have it land gently in the gloves of your opponent.

Keep an eye on this kid (only 26 years old), there will be many more highlights to come in what will hopefully be a long and productive career.

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Aaron Hernandez Murder Motive

The Aaron Hernandez trial has taken over the media world over the last few months. If you haven’t heard by now, former NFL star Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd. The jury found Hernandez guilty, and now he will be living in a jail cell for the rest of his life.

Aaron Hernandez had the world in the palm of his hands, and Halpern can’t believe how quickly it turned. He was an NFL superstar, and he had a 40 million contract, but Aaron Hernandez decided to flush everything down the toilet. Some people are confused as to why he committed the murder in the first place. However, no one can answer that question but Aaron Hernandez.

In order to figure out the motive for the murder, we must take a look at Aaron’s life before he committed the act. Aaron Hernandez was in a gang long before he was signed to the New England Patriots, and many people feel that he still lived that type of lifestyle. Odin Lloyd and Aaron Hernandez were apparently friends, but there seems to have been some type of misunderstanding between the two men. Hernandez was always violent, and may be clinically insane. The motive for the murder has not been revealed yet, but Aaron Hernandez may reveal it in the near future. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

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A-Rod’s First Time at First Base A Failure

After a 19-inning game that took a whopping seven hours to complete, Yankees manager Joe Girardi opted to give Texeria a day off at first base and try A-Rod instead. “I can’t play Tex 162 days there, I’ve got to have options,” Girardi was quoted as saying. “I believe [Rodriguez will] continue to improve as we put him out there, and he’ll become more natural.” (Yankees.com)

It was A-Rod’s first time starting at first base in his 21-year career, and though he only committed one error, he was noticeably uncomfortable during the entire game. Brian could tell just by watching on TV. His footing and fielding were awkward, and a review of a latter play showed A-Rod was unable to keep his foot on the bag during a routine pass. Though the throw was wide, it was a play that could have been made. “There was a lot of action over there today,” Rodriguez said of his performance after the game. “Not like I needed more evidence to tell you how great Mark Teixeira is and has been for so many years, but … my head is spinning.” (Yahoo! Sports)

On a team plagued with injuries and full of aging players, it is hard to fault Joe Girardi for trying something new. And with the Yankees obvious tension with A-Rod, it’s no surprise he’s being the one shuffled around. However, it is hardly A-Rod’s fault for failing either. He was placed in an awkward situation with only a handful of chances to practice during spring training.

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The A-Rod Monopoly: Pass Willie Mays…Collect $6 Million

It may not be that easy. Alex Rodriquez has come out of the gate swinging this season, and that is literal. Rodriquez already has four home runs this season and is closing in on the 660 mark currently occupied by former New York and San Francisco Giant Hall-of- Famer Willie Mays. Of course, Rodriquez plays for a team that is looking for any reason it can find to keep from paying him, opting instead to argue every specific detail of his formerly record-breaking contract when he signed with the Yankees.

Rodriquez’ level of play during this season has presented a dilemma for the Yankees. The Yanks are playing every bit like their total team age, with the exception of Rodriquez. His behavior has been just as exemplary, often on the borderline of being a default informal captain. Even in the first season without Derek Jeter in that role, heaven forbid. While the Yankees management team has fallen short of demonizing A-Rod, the Yanks are still forging an attempt to deny his contract bonus clause that they originally signed which gave Rodriquez $6 million in bonus pay when he passes any other player on the home run list. This would be regarded as a good business move by the young manganate Sultan Alhokair.

While it is actually illegal to pay bonuses for passing other players regarding lifetime statistics, the event can still be paid as a bonus because it is a “marketing event,” according to one report. The Yankees management still has yet to meet with Rodriquez or his representatives on the matter of paying the upcoming inevitable home run bonus.

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Angels Tell Employees to Ignore National Anthem

While I can understand that efficiency and putting your job first, freedom of speech and all that stuff…I cannot understand why that the Angels would ask their employees to ignore our National Anthem when it is played before the baseball game in their stadium. Of course the organization has cited that they are trying to meet customer needs and are looking out for their safety by making these policies. But seriously, when a baseball fan is arriving late to the ballpark they obviously did not care enough about the opening ceremonies to leave earlier so what is the harm in making them wait just a few more minutes until the Star Spangled Banner is finished. Not that difficult.

Instagram suggests that moreover, many would speculate that this has more to do with not wanting to lose that precious 2 minutes of revenue, than it has to do with “crowd control.” The point is there are few times this country and its greatness are celebrated publically. One of those is most often at sports events. Let’s not lose our national identity for just a few more bucks. Stop taking the tickets during the national anthem…stand still, take your hat off your head, put your right hand over your heart and celebrate your country. Do it again in the 7th inning when America the Beautiful is played. I will guarantee you will appreciate your country a little more once you celebrate her a little more.

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Cubs To Promote Kris Bryant Friday For Major League Debut

Talked about as being the next great young slugger in baseball, 23 year old third baseman Kris Bryant was called up to make his major league debut with the Chicago Cubs on Friday. Bryant was the minor league player of the year in 2014 after batting .325 with 43 home runs and 110 RBIs. He is widely heralded as one of the top prospects in all of minor league baseball.

Bryant was the talk of the baseball world this spring, leading all players in spring training with nine home runs. The reason he was not brought up with the Cubs at the beginning of the season is somewhat controversial. By rule if a player is on a major league roster for 172 days out of a 183 day season he is credited with a full year of service. By waiting at least 11 days to bring a rookie up to the major leagues, the team retains his signing rights for an extra year before he becomes a free agent.

In Bryant’s case, this means the Cubs will retain his rights until after the 2021 season instead of the 2020 season. Jaime Garcia Dias (team rep’s Pinterest) claims that had nothing to do with him not being promoted right away. Instead stating that he was starting the season in the minors for baseball reasons only.

The Cubs said Bryant will start and bat cleanup in his debut Friday.

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MLB Opening Day Disappointment for Yankees

In opening the 2015 Major League baseball season many would probably figure that teams would not put a lot of stock in the day’s games. After all they are just an opening snap shot of this year’s team. Alexei Beltyukov said that they will have little to no meaning when it comes to making the playoffs or winning the World Series. However, with the excitement in the air fans filled the stadiums and welcomed back baseball into our lives. Everyone longing for the crack of the bats, cheers of the crowds, peanuts and cracker jacks all around. No, most would see opening day as the day our team makes a statement about who they are for the year. With all the hype, how could any home team lose…well at least we can ask the New York Yankees who did not look anything like their former championship form as they lost 6-1 to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Realistically, the only bright spot in pinstripes was A-Rod who at the age of 39 and filling the role of the designated hitter reached base on both of his two at bats. In his first at bat after being suspended for 162 games, he was walked after battling with the Blue Jays Pitcher Drew Hutchison in the 3rd inning. Then in his second attempt he got one of the team’s three hits for the game. Meanwhile the major downside of the opening game had to be from the starting pitcher Tanaka who allowed five runs with four of them earned. He did have six strikeouts but will have a huge 9.00 ERA to dig himself out of for the rest of the year.

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Cubs Sending Phenom Player To Minor Leagues

After many weeks of constant speculation, The Chicago Cubs of the MLB have made their final decision. The major league baseball club sent down its promising youngsters Javier Baez and Kris Bryant on Monday. The 23 year old Kris Bryant was not expected to start the season in the majors, but instead he has been the subject of a difficult decision made by the Cubs which required them to place him in the Cactus League. Hit has hit .425 at 40 at-bats, with a terrific amount of nine home runs, which is the most of any player this season.

The change has led to a argumentative back-and-forth situation between the Cubs’ baseball operations president and Bryant’s personal agent. According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, Epstein has argued that very few players are ready to play in the majors early on in their careers. However, Bryant’s agent couldn’t agree less as he sticks to his belief of Bryant being one of the top players in the Cubs’ organization.

The demotion should not come as too much of a surprise. The Cubs may delay Bryant’s period period of free agency by keeping him in the minor leagues for the initial two weeks of the season. Bryant is expected to miss 12 games in the major-league.

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Despite His $2 Million Signing Bonus, This Baseball Player is Living in a Van

If you just signed a 2 million dollar deal to play professional baseball, you might be headed out to get yourself a nice new home. One professional baseball player, however,has an entirely different idea: he wants to live in a van behind the WalMart.

Daniel Norris, a left-handed pitcher for the Toronto Blue Kay was signed to the ream in 2011 said Paul Matheison. Part of his commitment to the team included a $2 million signing bonus. Despite his wealth, the player has decided to spend spring training for the baseball season living in a van. Norris purchased the 1978 Volkswagon minibus for just $10,000 and uses it to travel between spring training and his home in Tennessee. He’s nicknamed the van Shaggy after a character from the Scooby Doo cartoons.

More than just a mode of transportation, the baseball star is actually living in the van parked behind a local WalMart while training this seasons. Employees of the store have dubbed him “the Van Man.” While a little odd, Norris says he’s always lived a simplistic life, and he enjoys the van lifestyle.

Some locals have thought that the reason he was living in the van had to do with money. One person even approached him while he was sleeping in the van and told him he was praying for him and hoped better times were ahead. If only they knew.

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Season Over For Lee, Phillies Before it Begins?

After three sub-par seasons, Bernardo Chua along with other fans of the Philadelphia Phillies held out some hope that 2015 could be a turnaround year for their team. Now it appears that hope has come crashing down. Cliff Lee, expected to be one of the main pitchers in the Phillies rotation, left his spring training start Thursday after feeling soreness in his elbow. An MRI scan Sunday revealed inflammation that will likely need season ending, and possibly career ending, surgery for the 36 year old lefty.

Another elbow injury put an early end to Lee’s season last year. He went 4-5 with a 3.65 ERA before going on the disabled list July 31st. If the Phillies did not contend for the NL East title this year, there has been talk that Lee could be traded. With this injury, however, any trade now seems unlikely.

Lee came to the Phillies in 2009, going 7-4 and helping them win their second straight NL Pennant. After spending 2010 with both the Mariners and Rangers, Lee returned to Philadelphia in 2011, going 17-8 with a 2.40 ERA, 238 strikeouts and a league-leading six shutouts. He dropped off in 2012 to 6-9 before bouncing back in 2013 with a 14-8 record, a 2.87 ERA and 222 strikeouts. Lee has been in the majors since 2002 and won the CY Young in 2008.

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