Despite His $2 Million Signing Bonus, This Baseball Player is Living in a Van

If you just signed a 2 million dollar deal to play professional baseball, you might be headed out to get yourself a nice new home. One professional baseball player, however,has an entirely different idea: he wants to live in a van behind the WalMart.

Daniel Norris, a left-handed pitcher for the Toronto Blue Kay was signed to the ream in 2011 said Paul Matheison. Part of his commitment to the team included a $2 million signing bonus. Despite his wealth, the player has decided to spend spring training for the baseball season living in a van. Norris purchased the 1978 Volkswagon minibus for just $10,000 and uses it to travel between spring training and his home in Tennessee. He’s nicknamed the van Shaggy after a character from the Scooby Doo cartoons.

More than just a mode of transportation, the baseball star is actually living in the van parked behind a local WalMart while training this seasons. Employees of the store have dubbed him “the Van Man.” While a little odd, Norris says he’s always lived a simplistic life, and he enjoys the van lifestyle.

Some locals have thought that the reason he was living in the van had to do with money. One person even approached him while he was sleeping in the van and told him he was praying for him and hoped better times were ahead. If only they knew.

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Season Over For Lee, Phillies Before it Begins?

After three sub-par seasons, Bernardo Chua along with other fans of the Philadelphia Phillies held out some hope that 2015 could be a turnaround year for their team. Now it appears that hope has come crashing down. Cliff Lee, expected to be one of the main pitchers in the Phillies rotation, left his spring training start Thursday after feeling soreness in his elbow. An MRI scan Sunday revealed inflammation that will likely need season ending, and possibly career ending, surgery for the 36 year old lefty.

Another elbow injury put an early end to Lee’s season last year. He went 4-5 with a 3.65 ERA before going on the disabled list July 31st. If the Phillies did not contend for the NL East title this year, there has been talk that Lee could be traded. With this injury, however, any trade now seems unlikely.

Lee came to the Phillies in 2009, going 7-4 and helping them win their second straight NL Pennant. After spending 2010 with both the Mariners and Rangers, Lee returned to Philadelphia in 2011, going 17-8 with a 2.40 ERA, 238 strikeouts and a league-leading six shutouts. He dropped off in 2012 to 6-9 before bouncing back in 2013 with a 14-8 record, a 2.87 ERA and 222 strikeouts. Lee has been in the majors since 2002 and won the CY Young in 2008.

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Is Lacrosse The Perfect Off-Season Sport?

Matt Landis Lacrosse Stick

If you intend to play the game of Lacrosse, you should expect to get a few bumps and bruises along the way, but that simply means that the equipment you use will be important for your safety. Players must include a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads and a protective cup to keep them safe when they come in contact with one of the sticks. Unlike football or soccer, lacrosse depends on a special stick which is fitted with a mask to exchange the rubber ball between players. Players attempt to get the ball into the opponents goal which is blocked at every turn by a total of 10 players.

A Choice Of Sporting Events

Matt Landis Lacrosse Stick

When Robert and Norma Landis heard their son Matt talking about Lacrosse, they might have cringed with concern for his safety. Knowing their son the way they did and the fact that he was good at other sporting events he took part in, they knew that he would be able to handle himself. Matt Landis may have taken his education seriously as a Pelham Memorial high-school student, but he understood the need for balance. In addition to joining the Lacrosse team, Matt also played alongside students in hockey and football.

Understanding The Game

matt landis interviews

Lacrosse might be considered by some as fast-paced and even aggressive, in fact, there is a great deal of physical contact which takes place between players. The game itself generally lasts for 60 minutes, and the players are expected to operate as a team. The rules differ slightly for women and men, especially in the area of contact, with the primary goal being to score against the opposing team placing the team with the most amount of goals in the lead. Lacrosse has its own band of followers, and some have suggested that it could have been played in the early to mid 1100s.

Not Just A Game

Matt Landis black and white

Matt Landis loved the game of Lacrosse so much that he stuck with it during four seasons of his college years. Matt excelled enough in the game to lead them as their captain during the last two seasons. It was clear to his fans and teammates alike that Matt was excellent at the game, in fact; he was so good that when Notre Dame realized his potential, they offered him a scholarship in 2010. Matt Landis had other options as far as schools were concerned, but they were eventually brushed aside for the world renown Notre Dame.

A Perfect Fit

matt landis notre dame

There are many students who are forced to make decisions on education based on scholarship offers. These opportunities do not always benefit everyone concerned; however, the camaraderie and academic prowess of Notre Dame worked out well for Matt. The game of Lacrosse continues to dominate Matt’s life and there is little doubt that the example he set for students coming up in the ranks is a good one. Opportunities to join popular schools and benefit from scholarships will be every parents wish, with games like Lacrosse; it seems that the possibilities of those dreams coming true are closer than you think.

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Cubs Almost Played In Milwaukee This Year

The Chicago Cubs have to do something about Wrigley Field, and they are going to spend many years trying to get this very old stadium into shape. It is one of the most historic venues in all of sports. It is like the gorgeous old soccer stadiums in Europe that have cool names like Stafford Bridge. However, they need to get the work done. They were very close to getting their games to Milwaukee so that they could finish work on the stadium, and it is likely that they should have done it anyways.

You must also remember that they are very stubborn note Stubborn teams tend to not perform well, and the Cubs are just the same. They are not willing to use their brain, but they need to make sure that they get on board now that they have hired Joe Maddon. He is probably going to be the only person who can convince the management that things need to change. If he turns this team around, it will be an amazing thing. However, they are going to have to get over a bunch of stuff before they believe that they need to change, and the stadium is one of those things.
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Manning to Return For 2015 Season With Broncos

The speculation as to whether Peyton Manning be returning for another season as quarterback for the Denver Broncos has been settled, with news being announced that the veteran has reached an agreement with the team. According to an unnamed source with knowledge of the negotiations, Manning will take a $4 million pay cut from $19 million to $15 million base salary, but with opportunities to make back the difference via performance based incentives.
At 39 years of age there was much discussion of the possibility that Manning might retire after being plagued by a nagging leg injury for the second half of the season. Despite of his injured status he led the Broncos to the playoffs after having lost the Super Bowl to Seattle the previous season. Alexei Beltyukov knows that the money freed up by Manning accepting a pay cut will not significantly effect Denver’s salary cap situation, but may free up some cash to offer signing bonuses to players acquired through the draft or free agency.
After 18 seasons, Manning is well situated in the record books in a number of categories of individual statistics for NFL quarterbacks, and his fierce competitiveness has many convinced that he will continue to play either until his team wins a Super Bowl, or until age or injury leave him no alternative but to retire.
Manning will be working this season with new head coach Gary Kubiak.

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Down’s Syndrome Student Headed for Sportscenter

Brian Doherty has been the team manager of the Pelham High Sschool Pythons for four years, the 18 year old has been dreaming of playing in his first basketball game for the pythons throughout that time, WMUR 9 reports. 18 year old Brian was born with Down’s Syndrome and was given the job of team manager because of his love of basketball, as the team were winning by a large margin in their last game the coach put Brian into the game and the high school senior scored with his first shot in a competitive game.

The court side crowd cheered for Brian and the school and local community are now hoping to push his story and scoring shot onto ESPN’s Sportscenter. Brian’s father, Joe later claimed the shot was the moment of the season for his family and stated Brian has been dreaming of playing in a competitive game for many years, and Facebook users are coming out in droves.

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North American Spine Making a Difference in Athletes Lives

A Bit about North American Spine

North American Spine is a company that’s been experiencing and celebrating success for six years, and continues to push on to be a company that does great medical work and helps out the public as much as they possibly can with the most common and even the least common aches and pains. Their specialty is providing an AccuraScope procedure to their long list of loyal and active patients that will give them a spine surgery that’s minimally invasive and will treat chronic back pain in the most comfortable way possible. Over 8,000 AccuraScope procedures have already been performed by their trained physicians. Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, who is part of the North American Spine team, said that “North American Spine’s treatments are an exciting and innovative step that will, for many people, provide lasting relief.”

Ho2 AccuraScope Effects People

The AccuraScope procedure has done a world of good for a handful of different types of patients, but the most recent one that has stuck out to so many people is that an Arkansas resident by the name of James Phillips is someone who lives with cerebral palsy, which is something millions of people in the United States alone deal with. In a time of need, he turned to North American Spine to lend him a hand, and they sure lived up to his expectations! The team at North American Spine offered to give him a procedure at no cost due to his current circumstances without even batting an eye. This is turn gave him the opportunity to become active once more, where he got to fulfill his bull riding dreams.

AccuraScope and Athletics

With less than thirty minutes to lose by doing the AccuraScope procedure, it will reduce a long list of issues that patients with back pain can experience. For example, bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, annular tears, scar tissue, arthritis, and even sciatica.

By partaking in this procedure, the slew of back problems you once faced will disappear. Many athletes that have undergone AccuraScope has said that it’s a safer and more comfortable option, and that it will result in a quicker recovery time, and cause the patient less pain shortly after and in the long run. It’ll also mean less chance for the damages to reoccur again. Minimally invasive surgeries are helping people everywhere.

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Melvin Upton Jr. Who?

BJ Upton has decided that he wants to be known by his birth name which is Melvin Upton Jr. This is his birth name, and he is likely looking for some kind of spark that is going to help him have a better season for the Braves. In Atlanta, Upton was such a disaster that fans have been calling him to be traded or released since literally the beginning of last season. He provided the team with almost nothing, and the fans revolted.

The Braves saw fit to hold on to him, and Upton needed to make a change said Dan Newlin. This is the kind of thing you do when you want to get a fresh start without changing teams. It will likely not make a difference because he simply does not have it anymore, but there is a chance that he might be able to make the most of this name change and even help his team out a little bit. When we are looking at the Braves this season, we need not be confused by the name that we see on the jersey. BJ Upton still has a great deal to prove to the fans of the Braves and his teammates.
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Bruce Arians and GM Extended

After an 11-5 season, the Arizona Cardinals have announced the contract extensions of Head Coach, Bruce Arians and General Manager Steve Keim. Both were signed two years ago only a few days apart and now, they both have been extended through the 2018 season. The advantage of team president Michael Bidwell announced the extensions yesterday and cited teams performance and each individual’s respective talents as the reason for extending Arians and Bidwell.

Despite dealing with a laundry list of issues at the quarterback position, Arizona was able to improve once again last season and finish with an 11-5 regular season record. They lost to the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Wild Card game but at this point in the season, they were down to their 3rd-string quarterback after both Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton sustained season ending injuries. Keim and Arians Extended Opening day starter, Carson Palmer, was only able to start 6 games and on November 9th, he suffered a knee injury that ended his season. In his 6 starts, he went 6-0 with 11 TD passes and only 3 interceptions. Back-up Drew Stanton played well in relief and was still able to bring them to the post season.

Given these injuries to the most important position, Arians and Keim showed their strengths and value by still making a post season run and showing the roster they built and drafted was good enough to compete at the NFL level. Keim was able to lock in two cornerstone veterans for the next few seasons with Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer locked up for the next few seasons.

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Gregg Zaun: Cal Ripken Kept Me In Line

Cal Ripken is one of the most iconic baseball players to ever play the game. Cal Ripken holds the record for the most consecutive games ever played in Major League Baseball and fans loved him for it. Cal Ripken was loved because he was seen as a blue collar player, not someone who would out talent the competition but out work it. Gregg Zaun is a player that played with Cal Ripken throughout his career and Zaun is now claiming that abuse from Cal Ripken kept him in line throughout the time he played baseball.

According to Zaun, even when he needed to sit out due to an injury Cal Ripken would pressure him to play, and because of this Zaun believes he was a better player for it. In those days, it was not considered bullying like it is today to put pressure on a player to perform even when he is hurt.

The information in the article is important because Cal Ripken is seen as an iconic sports figure that can do no wrong in fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso’s eyes. No doubt fans of Cal Ripken will spin this in to a positive about the legacy of Cal Ripken, but the question must be asked if there were other that Ripken bullied in to playing when they were not at their best. Only time will tell if more players will come forward and confirm the story of Gregg Zaun and Cal Ripken.

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