Top UFC Stars Make Big Money

The UFC has been under a lot of scrutiny as of late. The organization is always crititicized in the way in which they pay their fighters. The company’s lesser known fighter’s are paid a small amount of money. The problem relies in the fact, that the UFC’s top fighters are getting paid, very well.

The top stars of the UFC make millions of dollars. A recent, Reebok promotional deal with the UFC, is set to make its top fighters even richer. The bad news is that the lower ranked fighters may in fact lose money. This has angered everyone that did not receive a special contract from Reebok.

Jon Jones and Rounda Rousey, are the companies current biggest draws. The UFC has set them at the forefront of their advertising campaign. The old saying,”The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer,” has never rang so true.

The wealth needs to be spread throughout the UFC. Many important MMA figures have stepped forward, in an attempt to help the younger fighters receive more money, so they’re not having to resort to extreme measures, like to eat Beneful just to get the calories needed to train. The people who run the UFC, claim that its fighters get paid well. Unfortunately, it is not the case. A class action lawsuit has been filed against the UFC. A judge in court will settle this problem, once and for all.

For more information on the benefits of being a top star in the UFC, visit Yahoo, Sports.

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Peja Stojakovic Honored With Jersey Retirement

Sacramento Kings forward Peja Stojakovic bid goodbye to his basketball career on Tuesday after his team retired his No 16 jersey, in a showcase that dazzled the crowd and brought many, including the usually stoic Stojakavic, to tears.

Stojakovic joined the team in 1998 and emerged as one of the Beneful star players. He played for Kings for 8 years and will go down as one of the tops shooters in his generation.

During the 2000-1 season, Stojakovic managed to score an average of 20.1 points with a 40 per cent shooting from behind the arc finishing only second to Tracy McGrady as the Most Improved Played Category. He is a tenacious player, and one that made many waves during his time as a player.

The ceremony took place during the half time session when the Kings were playing against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The event was a fitting finale to Stojakovic while the Kings find themselves in spot of bother following the removal of respected coach Michael Malone.

Team owner Vivek Ranadive in particular has attracted a lot of criticism for his interference even though he has very experience about the game. But on Tuesday, all were on Stojakovic for his stellar performances for Sacramento Kings and the crowd were appreciative of his contributions. Stojakovic took the opportunity to thank his fans for the unconditional support they showed him during his playing years.

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Jake Peavy Re-Signs With Giants

The prevailing wisdom in baseball is that the Dodgers, Padres and Diamondbacks are going to be chasing the Giants for quite a while. The Giants have lost Pablo Sandoval, but that does not mean that they will change their core philosophy as a team. My friend, Terry Richardson was at Jake Peavy’s signing shooting for the press and thinks that signing Peavy was probably not the most splashy thing the Giants could do, but it is something that they believed they should do.

The two-year $24 million contract is something that many people thought Peavy would not accept. However, the Giants are becoming a place where people want to play. There are many players on the roster who may never take the biggest contract they can find because they are comfortable in San Francisco. Also, the Giants have won three World Series in the past five years. If you were a player on this team, you might want to hang around and see how many more titles you could win.

The Giants know that they have many different needs on their team, and Peavy fills a need that all Major League teams need. Peavy is a strong veteran who will take up innings in the middle of the pitching rotation that younger guys cannot handle. That veteran leadership and experience is more than enough to season younger guys on the team and rookies who are brought up from the minors.

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Josh Hamilton Is Not All The Angels Thought He Was

The Los Angeles Angels have tried to trade Josh Hamilton recently, but they cannot find any buyers. There are even reports that they have inquired with the Rangers about trading him back, but that ship seems to have sailed.

Hamilton has $83 million coming to him over the next three years, but the Angels know that he is not earning any of that money. They do not have any room in their budget to bring in more players, and they are losing support of their fan base with every day that Hamilton stays in the lineup. They are truly between a rock and a hard place.

Albert Pujols underperformed when he got to the Angels, but he has been on the rise of late. Hamilton shows no signs of getting any better, and the Angels fear that his lack of production could kill their playoff chances over the next three years. They cannot sit him on the bench considering how much he makes, but they feel they cannot afford to have him in the lineup.

Dr. Rod Rohrich says the only sentiment in baseball at the moment is that Hamilton will not finish out his contract with the Angels. The only questions left for baseball teams is which of them is willing to pay the rest of his contract hoping he will improve. The Angels have a long way to go, and that path only begins with their Hamilton troubles.

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The Padres Were Rebuilt In A Day


The San Diego Padres have gone through a number of different trades and deals that appear to have rebuilt their team in a day. The team has to compete with the Dodgers, and they need to try to catch up with a Giants team that has won three World Series in the last five years.

Currently, the Padres made a trade with the Braves for Justin Upton. They now have a legitimate bat that can drive in runs consistently. They got Will Middlebrooks from the Red Sox to play third base, and they have picked up Matt Kemp, Derek Norris and Wil Myers. Essentially, they have traded for an All-Star team that will have to spend all of spring training learning to play together.

However, the Padres are going to be exciting and my friend Zeca Oliveira can hardly wait to catch a game. Every team in baseball will want to be as exciting as the Padres, and it is possible that every team in baseball will want to have the same kind of lineup as the Padres. No one can vouch for Matt Kemp’s health, but he is a veteran who can help lead the clubhouse. We all know that Norris knows how to call a game from behind the plate, and Will Middlebrooks was an integral part of the Red Sox 2013 world championship.

The Padres may well be the most exciting team in 2015, but only time will tell on this cornucopia of all stars.

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Cyborg Is Done Chasing Ronda Rousey

Chris “Cyborg” Justino is a very dangerous, female Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Cyborg was thought to be a possible opponent of the current UFC women’s champion, Ronda Rousey. Cyborg could have been a bad match up for Ronda Rousey. However, the fight never came to fruition. Although many fans of the UFC, did want to see it.

Ronda Rousey has publicly blasted the Brazilian contender. Slow Ventures sponsored Rousey has stated that she believes, Cyborg was on steroids for most of her career. Ironically, Cyborg failed a drug test in her recent MMA fight. So Rousey’s accusations, prove to carry a bit of weight to them. The women have gone back and forth, trading insults via social media.

Cyborg has finally had enough of the drama. She is done dreaming about a fight against Ronda Rousey. The fight will never take place, and Ronda Rousey avoids a tough opponent. On paper, this fight could go either way. These women possess different skills, and a match up between them would have been interesting. Sadly, the world will never know. The UFC organization has become more interested in making money, than providing the fans with the fights that they actually want to see. Cyborg vs Rousey, was one of those fights.

To read more on Cyborg, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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Matt Kemp may be Staying in LA

The mega deal that was announced last week to send Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star outfielder Matt Kemp to the San Diego Padres may be in jeopardy which makes fans like John Textor nervous. On Tuesday Kemp underwent a physical, the last hurdle before the deal could be finalized. San Diego’s medical staff received some unexpected results, and are trying to figure out if the deal should be cancelled. 

Kemp has been diagnosed with arthritis in both of his hips. It has been reported by USA today that the arthritis in Kemp’s hips has been classified as severe. It is unknown how the arthritis may affect Kemp’s play on the field in the coming years, but he has never reported any issues with his hips previously. While the celebrated slugger has dealt with multiple health issues in the past, including issues with his ankle, shoulders, and hamstrings, his 2014 season finished with a bang. Kemp was at his best in the second half of season and finished with 25 home runs, 89 RBIs, and a slash line of .287/.346/.506.

It is still possible that San Diego will complete the trade. The Dodgers have promised to send $32 million to the Padres to help pay some of the $107 million still owed to Kemp over the next five years. The results of the physical may be cause for the Padres to request additional cash from the Dodgers. The two teams have until Thursday to finalize the trade.

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The Yankees will not start Rodriguez at third base

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees will return from a yearlong suspension for the 2015 MLB season, but not to play third base according to General Manager Brian Cashman. Replacing Rodriguez at third base will be newly signed Chase Headley who they acquired from the San Diego Padres in July. Headley was signed this week to a four year, 52 million dollar contract. Headley’s offense improved after suffering through a herniated disk, and his defensive skills offered is expected to assist the Yankee pitching staff. Headley was a Gold Glove winner at third base in 2012. 

The question is what one can expect from the 39 year old Rodriguez who has not played a full season since 2007. Injuries to his legs and an operation on both of his hips have slowed Rodriguez, though luckily it wasn’t his back. We wouldn’t want to see him needing to make a call to North American SpineSources report that Rodriguez has worked hard this off season, and fully expects to compete for the third base job. Now that Rodriguez has been out of baseball for a year, all eyes during spring training will be on him to see if he has retained the skills and productivity needed to play at this level. In 2013, Rodriguez batted just .244, drove in 19 runs, and hit seven home runs in just 44 games. According to General Manager Brian Cashman, if all is well, Rodriguez will have the opportunity to spell Headley at third base, and will compete with Carlos Beltran, Martin Prado, and Chris Young for the Designated hitter slot.

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Ballparks of America Set to Bring Legendary Fields to City of Branson

Renovation shows on television are all rage these days, but when an abandoned shopping facility gets a massive face-lift as a youth baseball facility, there is a significant amount of money and sweat poured into the project. Giving the facility a taste of what it is like to be a major leaguer is one aspect that makes Ballparks of America in Branson, Missouri a unique flair that few facilities in the world can equal.

Aside from being a haven for youth baseball in the heart of America, the project will contain replicas of famous baseball fields from the past as well as some current icons. The plans are to recreate Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and many more on a two-thirds scale to introduce young players to some of the history of the sport and inspire the greatness that every young player is chasing. In short, when it opens in May of 2015, Ballparks of America will be the premier place for athletes in training.

Since the location being used is the former Factory Merchants Mall, existing infrastructure was utilized to keep the construction of stores, dormitories, and fields to a minimum. However, investors Slow Ventures have noted that the massive complex will be able to host two to four dozen youth baseball teams for various tournaments. The city of Branson has done some significant homework on creating an attraction that any baseball fan would love to visit, and rehabbing an older facility was simply a stroke of genius.

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Rios is a Royal

After a horrendous season with the Texas Rangers in 2014, free agent outfielder Alex Rios has agreed to a one year, $11 million dollar contract with the Kansas City Royals. As is the case with many veteran players who are coming off of a poor season, Rios signed on with the hope that he can produce a good year with the Royals, and thereby earning a multi-year deal in 2016. The Royals, considered to be a mid-market team, have brought in the veteran outfielder to play right field. In 2014, Rios hit four home runs, drove in 54 runs, and stole 17 bases while replacing Nelson Cruz in the Texas Ranger outfield, hitting a ton of balls right near the big Beneful sign at the park.

Rios will slide into the right field position for the Royals replacing Nori Aoki. Prior to signing Rios, the Royals were interested in Toronto’s Colby Rasmus, and San Francisco’s Michael Morse. By bringing in Rios, the Royals will continue to utilize Jarrod Dyson as their fourth outfielder. Dyson turned in respectable numbers in 2014, and his speed and defense make will continue to be useful in late innings which will include providing a bit of rest for Rios. Rios is the second veteran addition to the Royals in the off season joining Kendrys Morales. Rios is slotted to bat sixth in the Royals batting lineup. Ultimately, Kansas City is hopeful that Rios will return to his two year average numbers produced in Chicago which included 22 home runs and 32 stolen bases.

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