Atlanta Hawks Change Ownership

Basketball clubs change ownership and leadership quiet often. The teams sell for an enormous price and profit. The price is usually high given the advertisement and fame that comes with owning such clubs. Such investments not only make money, but drive popularity of the owner for future business. It explains why billionaire businessmen often go for them. A majority of them cost at least one billion dollars.
Billionaire and philanthropist Bruce Levenson is a keen investor. He has owned the Hawks and other lucrative businesses since 2004. Since his school days in Washington University, Bruce has lived an abundant life. Together with wife and three children, he is engaging in charity and teaching students about philanthropy. According to Bruce, it is important for young students to learn the subject so that they may work hard, earn enough and share a percentage. Giving to him is the best thing that can happen to a person. His wife Karen is an experienced educationalist. While teaching and mentoring students, she has gathered enough experience from work and home to effectively teach philanthropy. In fact, the two donated about six million dollars to a fund that would undertake to teach students.
After purchasing the Hawks, the Arena and the Thrashers in 2004, Bruce and partner Michael decided to sell the Thrashers in 2011. Having bought the three at $240 million, they sold the Thrashers for $170 million seven years later. Four years after disposing the Thrashers for nearly 70 percent of what they acquired all the three, they decided to sell the Hacks too. It was an enormous profit.
Late 2014 met the news that majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks intended to sell the club, and it’s Arena. There was speculation about how much the owner would get for the club. Analysts went busily claiming that the club should sell for at least $1 billion. Goldman Sacs listened to offers and Antony Ressler’s $850 million for both the Hawks and the Philips Arena was the best. It was a huge sum compared to the buying price. Analysts indicated that Bruce had grown his balance of $70 million to about $1 billion in just a few years. To date, the Hawks are valued at more than $1 billion without the Arena. It is an indication of how fast prices change.
The new owners, Antony and Grant Hill, were excited about taking the mantle from Bruce. They indicated that their intention was to grow the team and make it successful. In fact, they reiterated that they would work closely with the community around Atlanta to make sure that the NBA championship comes home. Additionally, to the surprise of many, they announced that the CEO and coach would retain their roles.

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Making the Most of Your Money At Any Income Level

Look…we all know that money is tight sometimes. You don’t always have a lot to spend, and preparing for retirement is just a no go for some people. That is unless you know what you’re doing.

I’ve had my own share of money issues in the past. So I was looking at what I could do to prepare for when I eventually can’t work anymore. A scary prospect, because those days are seemingly coming a lot faster than I ever expected them to. Which is why I’m ever so glad I found out about Brad Reifler.

Sorry to sort of break the habit of our normal baseball posts, and I promise, I’ll get back to the diamond again right after this. But I did find out some really cool stuff about how this guy keeps changing the game and making investing something that anybody can do, and find success in…as long as you’re patient.

Reuters can tell you that Bradley Carl Reifler has accomplished a lot in his over 30 years of work in the investment world. He has a strong resume that led him to his current position as founder and CEO of the Forefront Management Group, which is split into a few subsidiaries in order to specialize for various investor’s needs. His subsidiary, Forefront Capital, is a boutique firm that offers its clients an array of financial services and investment products that they need to reach long-term income and growth goals. As head of Forefront Advisory, he gives sought after advice to clients interested in the foreign exchange and commodity markets. Brad Reifler followed a long road to the successful position he currently holds offering advice to elite individuals and institutions in the realm of investing.

After graduating from Bowdoin College with a Bachelor’s Degree, Brad Reifler founded his first investment company called the Reifler Trading Corporation. This company enabled him to gain experience in investment in derivatives and this business venture paid off because he brought the company such success that it was bought by Refco, Inc. He then founded and became chief executive officer of Pali Capital from 1995 to 2008. During this time, the company saw impressive expansion by growing to a couple hundred employees across several countries. This gave him the knowledge and experience to master being a global investor.

Mr. Reifler has served on multiple company’s boards and advisory boards throughout his long career. He is also a trustee of the Millbrook School, a private school in Millbrook, New York as well as being chairman of their finance committee. He currently serves as director of ITG Market Research as well as Root Markets and his latest position in the business world is that of independent director of the Sino Mercury Acquisition Corporation, which was founded in 2014.

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Purina Petcare is Expanding its Options Even More!

Purina Petcare has absorbed multiple high-profile pet care companies, including: the classic Friskies, and the healthy dog-centric brand, Beneful. I recently read some Purina news that they decided to kick it up another notch with its newest absorption of Merrick Pet Care. While Merrick may be a respected, up-and-coming name in organic and natural dog food, it isn’t as well-known as many other brands. Merrick prides itself on its grain-free foods made with high protein kibble and its freeze-dried raw meats for dogs and its grain-free cat food with antioxidants and added fiber to help with hairballs. Merrick also produces a line of foods for cats and dogs with food sensitivities. What this means for you:

New Organic Options from a Brand you Trust
While you may not have known about Merrick before, you now have a new option for your pets under a label you recognize and a brand you trust! Purina is working hard to make the most diversified lines of foods to accommodate even your pickiest pets. With this new organic option, you can rest assured your animals are consuming the most natural diet possible.

You Get all of the Merrick Perks
Not only will your pet get all of the satisfaction guarantees that come with the Purina label, they also receive the Merrick guarantee. Merrick’s logo consists of their name under a line of five stars, this symbolizes their five star guarantee. This guarantee ensures you that your pets’ food are based from local growers, are whole foods without additives or preservatives, are crafted in small batches in a single kitchen, contain balanced nutrition and results in healthy pets you can see.

You’re Supporting Animals all Over the World
Those who choose Purina brands support a campaign of connecting pets with people. Purina promotes pet rescue and adoption. It dedicates itself to making the most out of animal/human relations and helping your best friend get the most out of his or her life. By buying Purina products, including Merrick, you’re supporting a system that loves animals the way that you love yours and that’s a beautiful thing.

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Bruce Levenson Stressed The Importance Of Maintaining Significant Partnerships

Educating successor team owners remains an extremely integral component of Bruce Levenson’s career. Currently the co-owner of United Communications Group (UCG) and the former majority co- owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, this strategic executive seeks to impart his sound business knowledge to the next Hawk’s owner. Essentially, his wide range of experiences related to improving operational efficiency in a variety of different sectors, have greatly contributed to his noteworthy NBA team management success. Furthermore, as an expert businessman, he has guided other minority Hawk’s owners in driving the team to unprecedented victory. Most importantly, Levenson’s former business experience has enabled him to understand the imperativeness of maintaining meaningful relationships with Hawk fans across the United States.

Over the course of his productive ownership, Levenson’s primary goal was to establish significant relations with the Atlanta Hawk’s fan base. Therefore, his business skills often involved implementing a diverse selection of food, music, and clothing attire to appeal to many different sport enthusiasts. This sound decision ultimately increased sales and crowd participation during home games. Moreover, the strategic tailoring of services also established trust and rapport between the fans and the team. Essentially, the Hawks appreciated their loyal support which was impacted by the variety of convenient offerings.

As a longstanding advocate of cultivating significant partnerships, Levenson was eager to share his business knowledge with the next Hawk’s owner. Moreover, in 2015, Atlanta entrepreneur, Anthony Ressler purchased the professional NBA team for approximately $850 million. Both these renowned executives believed that this price accurately reflected the strength and the potential of the Hawks. Although Ressler maintained an extensive portfolio of private equity and investment expertise, Levenson sought to relay his former ownership experiences to this prominent businessman. Commendably, he emphasized the imperativeness of catering to the fan base and improving Philips Arena and the practice and weight-room facilities. More importantly, he also stressed the effectiveness of maintaining integral relations with the fans, community, and strategic businessmen. The conjunction of these significant collaborations will greatly assist in propelling the professional Georgia basketball team.

Levenson has successfully guided many executives and employees and, asa result, he is consistently revered by his peers as one of America’s most powerful businessmen. Along with his professional endeavors, he also maintains noteworthy partnerships with the community. Because his mother-in-law is a Holocaust survivor, he supports various Jewish causes such as Birthright Israel, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, the Jewish Foundation, and BBYO which is a Jewish-American youth movement. In addition, Levenson actively assist low-come children in their academic pursuit by donating to the Hoops Dream Foundation, the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., and the Washington Chapter of I Have a Dream Foundation. Lastly, he and his wife founded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland in 2010. This highly regarded foundation strives to provide seed funding to college students who would like to learn the steps involved in implement a successful and educational nonprofit organization.

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The American Way of Eating Is Effecting the World’s Health

Overweight and obese adults and children are becoming more too frequent a sight all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, the number of obese adults world-wide reached 600 million in 2014, with another 2 billion adults being overweight. Obesity is a precursor to numerous detrimental health conditions including but not limited to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The IDF diabetes atlas reports that globally, the number of diabetes cases has risen to 374 million people in 2014, with diet being a major contributor to the disease.

Bruce Levenson asked nutrition experts what is causing such a surge in obesity and diabetes around the globe? According to David Tilman, who teaches Ecology at the University of Minnesota, it is due to a “nutrition transition occurring around the world,” in which diet trends are the contributing factor. With more than half the people in the world now choosing to live in cities, a lack of exercise and poor “Western” diet choices are damaging our population’s health.

Malnourishment has taken on a whole other definition with the urbanization of the world and consumption of processed foods. Tilman attributes this to the idea that “We have a whole new group of people who are malnourished because they eat foods that are no good for them, that have no nutritional benefit.”

Diet is an important factor in overall health of a person. A poor diet leaves the body susceptible to many illnesses and disease. Enjoying foods that not only taste good, but which are good for you is easier than you may think once you just discover some tricks.

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Investment Banking Is High Reward And High Risk

Investment banking is a specific type of banking that has a number of functions including creating capital. In addition, investment banks can also help customers purchase securities, manage assets and provide financial advice. The three areas of investment banking: trading, asset management and investment banking division. Some of the largest and most powerful investment banks include J.P. Morgan, Goldman & Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

Investment banking division has two areas: products and industries. The purpose for both is to offer advice and sometimes financing for transitions, mergers and acquisitions. Investment banks are often referred to as “Bulge Bracket” banks, and they have a near unlimited supply funds. All of these boutique-type banks are large global enterprises; some are much smaller operations that are full-funded.

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years investment market experience and has been at Highland since it was opened in 1993. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in finance, he found work at Protective Life GIC subsidiary. Dondero went on to serve at a number of companies including Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc, Cornerstone Healthcare Group and MGM Holdings Inc.

Under Dondero’s leadership, Highland Capital Management has won numerous awards and kept customers happy with a full line of investment services. Dondero is a great supporter of charities and has supported a number of initiatives for the poor, education and veterans services. He currently sits on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Individuals interested in a career in investment banking should have very good interpersonal skills. The job is no cakewalk and it can be highly rewarding one week and the opposite the next. Because of the risk/reward factor, investment banking can be a very difficult job to break into. The best place to start is an entry-level analyst position.

Communication is a key to breaking into investment banking but so is a good understanding of the market. Traders must be multi-faceted. It’s a good idea to bring whatever useful tools you have to the table. The ability to bluff could go a long, long way.

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Bruce Levenson exits the Hawks as billionaire Ressler arrives

News has leaked out of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise that the initial $1 billion valuation placed on the team and rights to Philips Arena was overvalued. This means the reported $730 million sale of the franchise by Bruce Levenson‘s Atlanta Spirit consortium to Tony Ressler saw the franchise sold for a fair price. Levenson and the rest of the Atlanta Spirit consortium had announced their intention to sell the franchise towards the end of 2014, despite the franchise completing their season as the number one seed in the eastern conference of the NBA. Ressler has now gained majority control of the Atlanta Hawks to pair with his minority ownership of baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers.

At the time of purchasing the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson and his Atlanta Spirit consortium also purchased the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise, which shared the right to use Philips Arena. By the 2011 season Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit consortium were ready to sell the hockey franchise in favor of concentrating on the basketball franchise. With the Thrashers relocated to Canada the NBA franchise was now given top billing in Atlanta and saw a major push for the playoffs and NBA glory. Levenson made sure the NBA franchise was one of the top teams in the sport by investing in a young and exciting team, which meant the Hawks gained more followers and increased their fan base in Atlanta and across the US.

Tony Ressler has begun to develop a major sporting empire with his acquisition of the Atlanta Hawks franchise, which is one of the most historic in the NBA. Under the guidance of Bruce Levenson the Hawks made a large amount of progress in building their team and playing an active role in the Atlanta community. The challenge for the new owners is to reach even greater heights of success in the NBA whilst also seeking out the best available options for remaining active and loyal to the local community. Levenson made sure the Hawks were involved in community based programs and events that pushed the team forward in the eyes of those supporting them and had the needs of local people in mind as each and every business opportunity was explored.

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Purina PetCare Has Made a Name for Itself

Purina PetCare is one of the best companies if not the best company that offers the highest quality of pet products that range from litter to wet and dry food to even pet treats. Purina PetCare, for the past 14 years has built its company to be the second-largest pet company in the world and the largest pet company in North America. With name brands such as Friskies, Beneful, and Purina ONE, it is easy to see how Purina PetCare become such as well known and well trusted company.

Purina PetCare has expanded ever since the merge of Nestle and Ralston Purina in 2001. Since 2001, the company has expanded to be in 16 different locations located in Latin America, North America, Oceania, Europe, and Asia. The headquarters of this operations is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

What makes Purina PetCare one of the leading companies in pet products is that fact that ever single product is not just for the revenue but for the goal of putting the pest pet product out there. From what I’ve been reading on Purina news sources, their employees design the product with the mindset that this is exactly what they want to give their pet. The Purina PetCare facilities are even pet friendly. Employees of the company are encouraged to bring their pet into work everyday.

Ever since 2001, Purina PetCare has been expanding. Though the company has increased, their goal is still the same which is to offer the best quality of food to pets. When Hurricane Charley hit in Florida, Purina PetCare donated 80 tons of pet food to the owners that were struggling to feed their pets. This is just a portion of the generosity that Purina PetCare provides to animals. In 2003, Purina PetCare partnered up with the Canine Health Foundation to help fund veterinary research. In addition to that, over the past 14 years, Purina PetCare has sponsored countless charities that all are organized for bettering the lives of pets.

The most recent project that Purina PetCare is taking part in is a movement to improve or build dog parks in neighborhoods across North America. Thanks to Purina PetCare, many neighborhoods have been transformed into pet friendly neighborhoods that emphasize well-being. Purina PetCare has been labeled as one of the best pet product producers in the world. This title has been given due to the fact that only the best quality of food and litter are sold to pet owners.

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Bruce Levenson Proves NBA Economics Are Still Great

Owning a team in the NBA is one investment that has an extremely high ROI. Several sales of teams made in the past few years show that large profits can be made. With only 30 teams in the NBA, there are only so many teams for sale at any time.

Consider a few recent sales of NBA teams in mid-market cities. The Washington Wizards went for $550 million in 2010. In 2014, the Milwaukee Bucks sold for $550 million. This year, the Hawks, which were owned by a group led by Bruce Levenson, did very well, selling at $850 million. The Hawks price was surprisingly high according to a few pundits, considering the Hawks traditionally have not done that well in attendance. During the same basic period, the Los Angeles Clippers sold for a hefty $2 billion. Naturally this is a large number because the Los Angeles market is huge.

The sale of the Clippers pushed NBA values much higher, as was proven by the sale of the Hawks. The Hawks had been valued at $425 million just one year before the sale.

Bruce Levenson was a managing partner and a representative of the Atlanta Hawks. He was also on the NBA Board of Governors during his tenure with the Hawks. Levenson was one of the first board members for TechTarget, a position he maintains. He also founded United Communications Group in 1977. He formed the company known as Atlanta Spirit LLC to purchase the Hawks in 2004. Atlanta Spirit not only bought the Hawks for $250 million in 2004, they also received ownership of Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL and the rights to operate Philips Arena.

It turns out that Atlanta Spirit made a very positive return with their sales of the Hawks. The sale of Los Angeles Clippers pushed NBA team prices to new heights, which pushed the value of the Hawks very high. Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers are valued at $2.6 billion and the New York Knicks are just behind them with a $2.5 billion valuation. The Hawks finished 17th. out 30 teams in attendance in 2015. If they’re able to increase the number of fans attending their games, the new owners could see a quick bump in their valuation. Much of that has to with the winning percentage of the team. Teams that win more games tend to draw more fans which gives them higher valuations. The NBA set a record for attendance in 2015.

The Hawks made the playoffs this past season. A group led by billionaire Antony Ressler has stated they are dedicated to improving the team. The group includes Jesse Itzler, Sara Blakely, and Grant Hill. The Hawks finished the season at 60-22. Attendance was up 21% and was a record for the Atlanta Hawks. In some ways, it looks like they have turned the corner. A real test will come next year for both their performance on the court and for attendance. A solid season which puts them in the playoffs could work magic.

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Beneful Dog Food Keeps Pets Healthy and Happy

Beneful brand dog food by Purina is one of the most successful in the line. Beneful has both wet and dry dog food, as well as dog snacks. Foods are made from high-quality, wholesome ingredients the supply nutrition and taste great.

The Beneful brand was marketed as a healthy dog food when it was introduced in 2001. Due to its popularity, the brand had more than $35 million in revenues annually. When the brand was first introduced, the parent company, Nestle Purina Petcare, launched a multi-million dollar campaign, which turned out to be among the largest in history.

Beneful caters to all types of dogs. Some of the best known foods include Healthy Smile, Healthy Fiesta, Healthy Weight, Healthy Growth for Puppies and Healthy Radiance. The snack line also features baked delights flavored with bacon, peanut butter, cheese, liver and beef. Dogs love the varying tastes and textures of the snacks. Beneful has also released a Healthy Harvest line for dog lovers who prefer to give their pets soy over meats.

In 2012, the Beneful brand was the subject of interactive billboards that allowed people to play virtual fetch. The line has also won numerous awards for packaging, best dog food and dog park design. The company renovated 1,000 dog parks at a cost of $500,000.

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